Best Beaches For Family Trip in Italy


After working tirelessly for almost a year, we all want some family time to cool off our heads. Organizing a family trip to Italy, either during summer break, annual leave, or others, is not a bad idea.  Or better still, you can decide to go on a Cooking vacation in Italy.

The numerous cooking vacations in Italy include a six-day cooking vacation in magical Tuscany, a seven-day all-inclusive gourmet cooking course in Garfagnana, and a seven-day golden cooking vacation in Sorrento, among others.   Whatever the type of vacation you choose, the important thing is to find the best Italy tour packages and seal the deal. You can find numerous best Italy tour packages based on individual preferences at an affordable price.

Best Beaches For Family Trip in Italy

The  Italy travel deal is usually according to family size, so the deal you seal will depend on your family size. However, there are also packages for single tickets as well. Sealing Italy travel deal makes you closer to enjoying all entertainment activities on the fantastic beaches in Rome, Italy.

Italy is home to multiple islands, meaning there are numerous beaches in Rome you can enjoy your Italy beach vacation. Beaches in Rome are varied, depending on the location you choose to visit, either  Rome or near Rome.  The best beaches near Rome include Sperlonga, Ostia, Gaeta, V Lounge Beach, and others. The advantage of touring some of the best beaches near Rome is you can get away from the crowd and stress of the cities for some time.

Best beaches for family vacations in Italy

If you want to enjoy your family trip to Italy fully, then you need to visit the following beaches; Isola Bella, Sicily, Forno beach island of Elba, and  La Pelosa, which is the prettiest beach in Sardinia, among others. These beaches are amongst the prettiest beaches in Italy that will make your Italy beach vacation a memorable one. Let’s explore these prettiest beaches in Italy individually.

Isola Bella, Sicily

Whenever you are looking for an excellent beach for a coast vacation, Isola should be on top of your list. The name Isola Bella means “beautiful island.” This beach is amongst the prettiest beaches in Italy. Instead of the usual Sandy beach, this beach has small stones and Pebbles. You will also meet excellent and Friendly vendors on the beach for any refreshments you need. There are also umbrellas and sun loungers you can easily rent on the beach. Various activities you can engage in on this beach include snorkelling, fishing, and bloating.

Best Beaches For Family Trip in Italy

La Pelosa

La Pelosa beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Sardinia, which is ideal for Italy’s summer vacations.  This beach has a fantastic, excellent view and very clear and clean blue water. For food lovers, there is a restaurant located within the beach vicinity for you to enjoy delicious meals as you tour this wonderful beach.

Forno beach

Forno beach is one of the best beaches in Italy for vacation. The beach has gently sloping sands and relative shelter on the beach, which makes it ideal for swimming. Additionally, if you love snorkelling, then this beach got you covered. There are multiple rock nooks and crannies for snorkelling. Unfortunately, there is a lack of parking at Forno beach, meaning you have to find your way through the beach on foot, which can be a little bit discomforting at times.

Marasusa Beach, Tropea, Calabria

Marasusa Beach is located in the Calabrian city of Tropea. It is characterized dominantly by calm seas and spotless sands hugged by beautiful cliffs. Set out a day out of your Italy coast vacation days to explore this beach alone.

You will never have a dull moment on this beach. There are multiple activities in which you and your family members can participate. These activities include snorkelling, fishing, and boating. In addition, you might sit in one of the lodo bars and have your cold drink while enjoying the scenic atmosphere.  Another exciting thing about this beach is the presence of different restaurants, shops, and cafes in the town. The presence of restaurants allows you to fully immerse yourself in some delightful and delicious Italian dishes after Lounging on the beach.

Best Beaches For Family Trip in Italy

Sperlonga, Lazio

Sperlonga should serve as an excellent beach for Italy’s summer vacations. This beach is located on a rocky cliff that juts out into the Tyrrhenian. With your car, you can travel for 80 miles from south of Rome to this beach. This beach has a beautiful view and clean and soft sands ideal for children to play around.

Pescoluse, Puglia

If you are a fan of beaches and you visit Italy without visiting Pescoluse in Puglia, then your vacation is incomplete. Pescoluse is abundant in small golden beaches with water sloping gently from the coast, making it one of the best beaches in Italy for vacation. Pescoluse is dabbed in the Maldives of Salento, making it amongst the best beaches in Rome, Italy. From the name,  you should know this beach will offer you a slice of beautiful paradise where you can have a great time with your family. You will have many incredible things, such as culture, food, and history, to explore in Pescoluse; this will make you and your family have a memorable vacation.

Wrap up

Best Beaches For Family Trip in Italy

Organizing a family trip to Italy to enjoy beaches in Rome and beaches near Rome as well as cooking vacations, is an excellent way of relaxing and exploring the world. However, before this vacation, you must find the best Italy tour packages and seal the deal. Various beaches you can explore for your family trip includes Sperlonga, Lazio, Pescoluse, Puglia, Marasusa Beach, Marasusa Beach, and Isola Bella, amongst others.


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