The Best Beaches Closest to Central Rome


Well-known sights, exquisite restaurants, real history, and exciting nightlife are some of the things that come to mind when you think about Rome. But did you know some of the prettiest beaches in Italy also exist in the nation’s capital? The best beaches near Rome offer the ideal opportunity to avoid the crowd and enjoy a little sun before going to the clubs.

The Best Beaches Closest to Central Rome

Yes, many people don’t know Rome for its beaches. But this doesn’t mean the city isn’t suitable as an Italy beach vacation destination. Because of its proximity to the coast, Rome’s shoreline is worth visiting lounge on the beach.

Although Rome may not have the same natural beauty as Sicily or the Amalfi Coast, it still makes for a great Italy coast vacation spot while housing some of the prettiest beaches in Italy. Some of the best beaches near Rome include Lido di Ostia, Fregene, Sperlonga, and Santa Severa, to mention a few.

Be it a family trip to Italy, cooking vacations in Italy, or an Italy beach vacation, Rome offers several alternatives that are proven to make you relaxed and entertained. Apart from the beaches, you can explore the numerous outdoor clubs. No matter what kind of vacation you are taking in Rome, there are Italy travel deals that will help you have the best time there. With factors ranging from your priorities to your budget, this deal enables you to find the best beach in Italy for a vacation and other juicy offers.

Best beaches close to central Rome

Central Rome serves as an excellent option for a family trip to Italy. You can get the whole Rome experience, taste several cultural delicacies if you’re there for cooking vacations in Italy, and even explore historical locations in the city. An Italy coast vacation is only complete with visiting the beaches in Rome. Some of the best beaches near central Rome range from Sperlonga, Santa Marinella, and Terracina to Fregene and Lido di Ostia. These natural gifts are what spice up your vacation. Join us as we help you understand more about these beaches.

The Best Beaches Closest to Central Rome

Ostia’s Lido

The closest beach to Rome is Lido di Ostia. Still, it has not been known for its beauty or friendliness because most Stabilimenti, or resorts, charge admission. Don’t be surprised that several people in Italy still come here to unwind.

The coastal town of Ostia, only 45xGjpCYwjcFg8yytjgvE4iUzM7EZxqAUQT4c1bGz4uXUJKRrK3ZCac7zsfWbA6fdnHYDZDXpbo86LkfSrWmkWptV9fvM6z have been popular in the 1960s, but it currently appears to be stuck in the past. The British have Blackpool, the Americans have Myrtle Beach, and the Romans have Ostia Lido. The coastline of Ostia is a jumble of flaky promenades, quick food restaurants, and bustling beach bars.


Despite its distance from Rome, you could hardly wish for a better vacation destination, with its bleached buildings dropping along little roads above crescent-shaped beaches. The beaches dip into the sea in sweeping, shallow motions. They are also on a little peninsula that has been given the Blue Flag for its exceptional clarity and cleanliness. The beaches in this area are great for kids because their water is shallow and has soft sand. Sperlonga is roughly 90 minutes away from Rome.

The Best Beaches Closest to Central Rome

Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella is less scenic but has a fine-sand beach shielded by a breakwater. It is also nearer to Rome and uncomplicated to get to. It doesn’t take up to an hour by train to get you there and only five minutes to walk to the beach. This beach is an excellent choice if you’re on a family trip to Italy. Due to its gradual descent into transparent water, it is popular with tourists. You’ll find some free beach but appreciate the cover a lido provides.

The village directly backs up to the beach. Aside from a few excellent seafood restaurants, tourism has a minimal impact because most beachgoers are daytrippers from Rome. Ancient Romans also liked to go swimming at Santa Marinella.

Santa Severa

The vast, sandy beach at Santa Severa, only 40 minutes by train from Rome, offers much more than just sun and sand. A castle bookends the long, essentially public beach from the fourteenth century, whose foundations go all the way to the water.

Although the waves are tranquil enough during the summer to make the beach popular with families, you will find peace and comfort here if you also enjoy a little wave action. There are many eateries to select from and stalls for those wanting to hire lounge chairs.

The Best Beaches Closest to Central Rome


Because it’s a little more challenging to get to than other Lazio beaches, most beaches are unoccupied and inexpensive, which is highly uncommon along this coast. The beach was granted the Blue Flag for its immaculate condition and crystal-clear turquoise water.

Except for a few Stabilimenti where you may hire loungers and umbrellas, the beach is surrounded by the Circeo National Park. It is accessible through several boardwalks.

Wrap up

Planning an Italy vacation isn’t complete without visits to a couple of the prettiest beaches in Italy. While beaches in Rome might not be famous, they still serve as great destinations in the city. However, understand that an Italy travel deal can ensure the best beach in Italy for vacation. Most of all, they help you find the best places for fun, relaxation, and adventure.


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