The Origin of FRA Diavolo Spaghetti – A Famous Italian Food


Whenever you come across famous Italian food, you will definitely see Italian pasta dishes among them.  Italian pasta dishes are delicious and mouth-watering dishes that will keep you craving more. Let me give you a hint. Anytime you want to eat Italy rich food, and you don’t know how to go about it, search for a pasta place near me on your mobile phone. I bet you will come across the prestigious Volare Italian restaurant or any other pasta trattoria.

In these places, you can get various Italian foods, including Italian sausage pasta or typical pasta with sausage in addition to Fra Diavolo Shrimp which originated from Mediterranean origins.

Is this your first time hearing the word Fra Diavolo Shrimps? Well, You should know that Fra Diavolo Shrimps, or Shrimp Fra Diavolo as sometimes called, is just a simple spicy tomato sauce. This tomato sauce is very spicy with heavy use of seafood that serves as an excellent source of protein.

Additionally, Whenever you visit any pasta trattoria and feel sceptical about what to try, try Italian spaghetti and have a mesmerizing experience.

How to Make Fra Diavolo Spaghetti

One more thing, if you couldn’t get favourable results after searching for pasta places near me, then you can easily make your Fra Diavolo Spaghetti quickly in your kitchen with just a handful of ingredients.  The following steps should guide you well; 

  • Warm oil in a large skillet and allow it to shimmer. 
  • Add garlic and leave it to cook for two minutes. 
  • Add blended red pepper and tomatoes and allow to cook for 15 minutes. 
  • Cook your pasta in a separate pot to the ideal consistency and drain it. Make sure you keep the drained water. 
  • Add fresh herbs, pepper, seasoning, and salt to your tomato sauce. 
  • Add pasta to the sauce, and drizzle in the drained pasta water. 
  • Mix as you add simultaneously. 
  • Remove from heat and serve with cheese, bread, crushed red pepper flakes, and wine.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Due to how prestigious and vulgar the Italian dishes have gotten, there is a unique Olive Garden Italian restaurant in the United States of America where you can eat Italy-rich food at your convenience. 

Olive Garden Italian is an Italian American restaurant. Visiting the olive garden Italian restaurant is almost the same as visiting the Valore Italian restaurant, where You can get various Italian dishes. The dishes range from  Olive garden sausage soup addition to Italian Sausage Pasta and regular Pasta with Sausages

Additionally, there are different types of delicious Olive Garden Sausage Soup to be enjoyed every time you visit Olive Garden Italian. These soups range from Zuppa Toscana soup, pasta e fagioli, minestrone, and chicken gnocchi, amongst others. 

Zuppa Toscana soup makes Olive garden extremely popular. The soup is potato based in combination with crumbled Italian sausages. The soup’s main ingredients are chicken broth, crumbled Italian sausage, cream, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Olive Garden is also famous in terms of its Fra Diavolo shrimps. 
Is this your first time hearing the word Fra Diavolo shrimps? You should know that Fra Diavolo Shrimps, or shrimp Fra Diavolo sometimes called, is just a simple tomato sauce. This tomato sauce is very spicy with heavy use of seafood that serves as an excellent source of protein in the dish, making it very nutritious.

What Is Fra Diavolo Spaghetti?

Fra  Diavolo Spaghetti is a combination of Italian spaghetti and a spicy tomato sauce. The name Fra Diavolo Spaghetti typically translates to “amongst the devil.” This name is because the dish contains spicy, garlicky tomato sauce, which is an excellent source of heat or source of discomfort. However, Fra Diavolo is amongst the famous Italian food prepared during festive seasons, such as on Christmas Eve.

Origin of Fra Diavolo Spaghetti

The Fra Diavolo history dates back to 1906. The name means “brother devil” or” a Devil’s brother,” which Michele Pezza was once called. From Fra Diavolo’s history, there is clear evidence of the name being connected to Michele Pezza, known as Fra Diavolo (brother devil). Michele Pezza is a bandit born in Itri, near Gaeta, in the Kingdom of Naples. Michele Pezza grew to be a guerilla leader who resisted the French occupation of  Naples

This name was obtained during Michele’s childhood experience. From Michele Pezza‘s history, children who recovered from serious illness are usually dressed as monks for a parade in honour of St. Francis of Paola, the grand patron of sick children. During one of these occasions, little Michael is a great nuisance that someone calls him “Fra Diavolo,” meaning brother of the devil.  

Dating back to history, Michele was assumed to be from a poor background, but due to many things he achieved at a young age, such as reading and writing, this is termed a wrong rumour. As Michele grew, he became exceedingly fierce, gallant, confident, and a strong fighter that resisted French rule. Till today Michael is known worldwide as Fra Diavolo
It is believed that Micheal’s parents had landed in an olive garden where they engaged in the wool trade, which was one of the most profitable trades during that era.

Final Thought

Fra Diavolo Spaghetti is very specific to Italian origin that got its name from the famous Italian bandit Michele pizza. Michele Pezza is popularly known as Fra Diavolo, meaning brother devil or a devil’s brother due to some occurrences in his lifetime. You can get Fra Diavolo Spaghetti in various places such as Volare Italian restaurant and olive garden Italian restaurant, amongst others. However, you can quickly cook Fra Diavolo Spaghetti at home with a handful of ingredients.


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