Top 5 Restaurants at Seaside Resorts Near Beaches In Italy


Italy is known worldwide for great meals and exquisite cuisine, one of the best you can get. Every area in Italy has popular Italian dishes that are peculiar to the culture of the region. 

On the coastline, you can find many restaurants serving delicacies. Many tourists see the breathtaking ocean views and then enjoy some seafood. Coming to the seaside is the best Italy travels deal you can get because it is fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Finding the perfect restaurant on the seaside where you can not only enjoy great meals but also swim on the beach can be daunting sometimes. We have taken it upon ourselves to help you sample these top five restaurants in Italy that you can visit. They are some of the best Italy tour packages you can try out as you plan your trip. So, here we go as we look at each of them below, starting with the first one.

La Pergola

Location: Positano

Positano is a major tourist attraction located at the centre of the Amalfi Coast and offers you the best Italy travels deal. La Pergola restaurant, situated along the Positano seaside resorts, brings a different experience to the beach. The food made there is a typical representation of the millenary culture and the stunning view of the area. 

There is never a lack of what to eat here, from popular Italian dishes to traditional meals prepared with local ingredients. There seems to be a special connection between the Positano area and the beach. As the sound of water splashes across the seashores, it’s a perfect place to meditate as you watch the waves push the waters back and forth. 

If you are looking for a seaside restaurant for a culinary tour of Italy, La Pergola is your get-to-go. Have you tried La Pergola’s traditional Italian pizza, heavenly, the best you can ever find at Positano seaside? After swimming on the beach, before going to your hotel, pick up a pack of this pizza on your way. 
Pizza is like the national food of Italy because Italians enjoy it a lot. In this restaurant, you will find an oven burning with wood on standby to take your orders right on the spot, don’t leave here without having a taste of la Pergola traditional Italian pizza. The wine here is something else you should not miss. Try the different flavours sweet, strong, sparkling, and dry, or could you taste them all? Pergola restaurant is here to give you all the experience.

Cycas Ristorante

Location: Gaeta

Cycas Ristorante is a functional restaurant located on Serapo beach Gaeta. The presence of the beach makes it a perfect place for swimming and sunbathing. After your activities at the beach, Cycas Restaurant is the ideal gathering spot for dining and drinks

Italians and people who are lovers of Mediterranean culture will love this choice of restaurant. If you are looking for one of the best Italy tour packages, check out Cycas. You can get the loveliest and tastiest calamari, parmigiana, and monkfish at Cycas Ristorante. All you need to do is place your order and enjoy, yes! You can also sample some wines here, like grappa or House wine

All year round, Cycas accepts visitors from around the world. It also has a spot on the beach where people can form a garden for drinks and food. The mood in the evening on the beach usually sets in motion with people pouring a craft beer or a glass of wine and, in some cases adding snacks to the menu. 
The menu comprises the national food of Italy, Ragu Alla Bolognese, and other varieties of dishes like Linguine Alla Cyca, Insalata Di Mare, Marinated Anchovies, and Octopus with tomato sauce. With all these menus to try out, taking one of the Italian cooking courses will be a good idea if you can travel to Italy.

Restaurant Il Bucaniere 

Location: Tuscany

Tuscany is known to be a meat area, but along the coastlines, there seems to be a twist with Restaurant Il Bucaniere. The restaurant has become a hub for seafood and is headed by the manager, chef Fulvietto Pierangeli.

The food here is peculiar to every season, but you are assured that the chef will cook for you anytime. The night is not complete without music, as the sound of the music gradually fades into the night, bringing life to the atmosphere.
The menu here includes some traditional dishes like Cacio e pape which is served alongside red shrimp. Linguine garnished with mussels, sea asparagus, and cherry tomatoes. II Bucaniere also samples some of the best wines, like Whites from Friuli, Vermentino, and Chardonnay, produced by Idole and Olena.

Torre del Saracino, Marina d’Equa

Location: Campari

Torre del Saracino shows history, food, and the sea in one view. From the restaurants, you can see the deep blue waters and Marina di Equa rocks. Classified as one of the best restaurants in Italy, La Torre is a historical watchtower that has survived numerous Saracen raids that have affected the coastline.

Chef Gennaro Esposito, the great chef who stands out amongst others, has diligently ensured visitors enjoy the area, the views, and the activities. He makes terrific meals with many people from everywhere, attesting to his extraordinary culinary skills

From the Gambero Rosso Guide, Gennaro makes three forks and Michelin stars, to mention two of his great meals. The way he can use fresh local fish, vegetables, tomatoes, and cheese to combine all of them to create great meals is the perfect way of having a culinary tour of Italy.

Some great dishes you would enjoy here are prawn soup garnished with buffalo, ricotta soup with red mullet filets, and finally, try the much talked about Esposito’s dish. Other sumptuous dishes the chef can make for you here are chilli honey and shellfish, mozzarella ravioli with tomato extract, Dory and aubergine couscous, etc. 
It is all about feasting on sumptuous meals and wines, swinging on the beach, and eating terrific desserts or homemade cheese. If you want to cook like an Italian, it’s easy. You only have to get Esposito’s Italian cooking courses to get started.

La Vecchia Pineta

Location: Rome

Between April and October is the best time to take a trip to the seaside to taste a variety of sumptuous seafood from a Roma Italian restaurant. There is still more in stock for you. The cosy weather, cool breeze, delicious meals, and tasty wines are worth travelling to Rome. 

A spectacular Roma Italian restaurant on the Roman coast is the La Vecchia Pineta at Osita, located in the Southern part of Rome. The restaurant’s indoor space is designed with portholes which makes it beautiful. However, what is even more captivating about this place is the outdoor veranda, where you can have an excellent time gazing at the Mediterranean waters
La Vecchia Pineta has the most delightful lunch you have ever tasted. They have a full menu where you can order some sumptuous flavours. You should try out some turbot and roasted potatoes,  crunch baby squids with balsamic vinegar for lunch, or black fettuccine and veracious clams.

Wrapping Up

As long as you are in Italy, you will get the best out of your stay here. You can enjoy the best of Italian dishes at any restaurant of choice at the seaside. In this article, we have listed some excellent restaurants you shouldn’t miss on the beach. So now that you have the information you need, you can plan your trip, keeping in mind that you are out to have the most explosive holidays here in Italy. If you love their dishes so much and you want to cook like an Italian, you can take any of their cooking courses to master your skill.


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