Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife


What to drink in Italy during my vacation?

Italy is such a blessed country with so many unique and beautiful things ranging from a serene environment, delicious cuisines, famous drinks, popular Italian dishes, top-notch beaches, and the fabulous Italian disco, amongst others. This unique feature of Italy makes it one of the most excellent places to go for a vacation. If you have never been to Italy, plan a 1 week’s trip to Italy and explore some of these beautiful things.

Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife

On your first trip to Italy, don’t forget to explore the Italian nightlife because it’s one of the best experiences you will ever have. One exciting part of exploring Italian nightlife is the famous Italian drinks you can take to help you relax and sleep better. Therefore, feel free to plan your Italy summer vacation and enjoy the blessed walls of Italy.

Amongst the drinks you should try at night on your Italy summer vacation includes Bellini, Amaro, Negroni, and others. However, you can try these drinks during the day as well on your Italy beach vacation.

This article will highlight some of the sweetest and most famous Italian drinks you can enjoy in your holiday nightlife. Let’s dive in the right way!


Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife

Negroni is an Italian cocktail invented in 1919 in Florence. Negroni is amongst the renowned Italian cocktails you should never forget to try whenever you are in Italy. Negroni is made with sweet red Vermouth, Gin, and Campari and garnished with an orange feel. The drink is generally served in old-fashioned glassware.

Negroni is very famous, and due to its famously, Negroni appears in some movies. In 1999, it feature in the movie titled “The Talented Mr Ripley“. In the film, the character played by Jude Law orders a Negroni.


On your first trip to Italy, Spritz should be at the top of your list of famous Italian cocktails you will try. Spritz is a Venetian wine-based Italian cocktail served as an aperitif. Is this your first time coming across the word aperitif?

Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife

You should know that an aperitif is a French word that describes alcoholic drinks taken before a meal. Therefore, you can take one of the most popular Italian dishes after taking Spritz.  If you want the moment to be more impressive, you can take your drink in a bar listening to some beautiful Italian disco. Spritz drinks have a delicate taste and a distinctive orange colour.

The main ingredient includes 3 ounces of sparkling wine, 1-ounce aperitif, club soda, or sparkling water. You should know that adding sparkling water or soda is optional. The water is just added to produce a more tantalizing taste.

Spritz cocktail, which is originally from the Veneto region, is now famous all over the world. The drink appeared in a movie as well in 2017. The title of the film is “Call Me By Your Name,” where the main characters are shown taking Spritz when having dinner in an Italian restaurant.


If you are in Italy, even for a short break such as a three-day or a 1-week trip to Italy, create a time and take the famous and sweet Bellini cocktail.

Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife

Bellini originated in Venice in 1990. The main ingredients of Bellini are;  Italian sparkling wine known as prosecco and peach puree or nectar. However, you can ask for a small amount of raspberry or cherry in your drink to give you the historic and famous pink colour of Bellini. You should know that Bellini contains less alcohol content than Negroni; on average, the alcoholic content of bellini is 7 per cent.

One interesting fact about the Bellini cocktail is that the drink got its name from its pink colour. The pink colour was linked to a saint’s toga in a  painting by Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini in the 15th century.

You should also know that the famous Italian cocktail appears in a movie. In 1990, there was an interesting movie titled “The Godfather” that featured a character known as Al Pacino drinking Bellini in a bar in Palermo.


Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife

Limoncello is another Italian cocktail you should try on your Italy summer vacation. Limoncello is amongst the famous and sweet Italian cocktails made with alcohol, lemon feel, and sugar. You can take this drink after lunch or dinner because it usually serves as a digestif. The word digestif describes a drink taken after a meal to aid the digestion process.

The idea of drinking lemon liquor after a meal originates from southern Italy. So, feel free to take your tantalizing limoncello after having any popular Italian dishes on your first trip to Italy. However, if you want to taste the full flavour of limoncello, consume it exceptionally coldly.

Limoncello is also famous worldwide and appeared in a movie titled “The Italian Job” in 2003.


Top Five Italian Drinks to Try in Your Holiday Nightlife

If you are a fan of bitter drinks, then Amaro should be your companion on your Italian beach vacation. Amaro has a strong bitter taste and is also used as a digestif. Amaro is generally made from herbs and spices. You should know that there are multiple varieties of amaro in Italy, including Amaro Averna, a famous Amaro.

Amaro has appeared in a movie as well. In 2014, the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” featured a character called Ralph Fiennes drinking Amaro during dinner.

Wrapping up

Italy is a beautiful place to visit due to many wonderful, unique, and sweet experiences. However, among the precious and famous things about Italy are its Italian dishes and tempting cocktails. Whenever you visit Italy, try these sweet cocktails; Limoncello, Amaro, Spritz, Negro, and Bellini, among others.


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